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Adventures Of Cooper


K and K's Mini Cooper, He is a tiny Miniature Horse, very sweet, and did not meet a stranger he loved everyone. Cooper was born on May 8, 2010 and has brought many people lots of Joy. We lost our sweet Cooper this year 2017. I know he is heaven with my daughter Kristen that went to heaven at 5 years old in 1988, I can just imagine her braiding his mane and putting ribbons in it, It is still hard but knowing my Dad and many others are there with her helps, so much. I just pray to God what goes around comes around!!! Until we meet again.




go grill_1.jpg

Cooper stopped by the Go Devil Grill to have a snack and visit with some friends.

birhday 1_0.jpg

Cooper was invited to Sadie's Birthday Party.

oct 31st_0.JPG

Cooper went to his first Halloween Costume Contest at Atwoods, he won first place in his group. Pictured with store manager Lance.

coop fest2_1.jpg

Cooper went to the Gurdon Forest Festival and made some new Friends.

coop fest4_0.jpg  

coop snow_0.jpg

2011 has brought us snow several times this year, and we are loving it!

coop snow2_0.jpg  

coop cake_0.JPG

Happy 1 st Birthday Cooper

cop eating_0.JPG

Good Cake

coop eat_0.JPG

Just a little nibble

coop presents_0.JPG

Opened all my presents

coop scarl_0.JPG

Scarlet came to my party

egg sign_0.jpg

Cooper went to the Chicken and Egg Festival at Prescott,AR

eg k coop_0.jpg  

egg girls_0.jpg  

race car_0.jpg

Cooper went to the Bryant Family Fest and got to see a REAL Race Car!


Cooper visited with two life saving Heroes.


Cooper went to Walgreens to see about a Flu Shot, Sorry Cooper You must go to the Vet to get yours!


Cooper dropped by Petsmart to see whats new.


Cooper went to the Forest Festible for the second year

forest fest_0.jpg

Made New Friends


Cooper went to the Atwoods Halloween Pet Contest for the second year,won first prise in his class and Grand Champion over all.


Met a new Friend too.


Cooper was invited to Prescott, to th Black Stallion Literacy Project



Met Officer Jackie Thomas of Prescott


Also met one big horse

12 girls_0.JPG

Cooper went to the Watermellon Festival at Hope, AR

c monkey_0.JPG

Had a Monkey on my back. (Mattie)

lil mis cop_0.JPG

Met (Layla) Miss Hempstead County